Dyplex – Exclusive Canadian Distributor of the Full MetOcean Telematics TTL Product Portfolio

Dyplex MetOcean Telematics Distributor

MetOcean Telematics is pleased to announce that after three years of being the exclusive distributor in Canada for our TiGR line of products Dyplex now has access to our entire surveillance TTL product portfolio, including former ORION/Cobham/DTC and Micromill tracking solutions acquired from Domo Tactical Communications (DTC).

DTC Tagging, Tracking and Locating (TTL) Business Unit Acquisition

On May 9, 2018, MetOcean Telematics announced the acquisition of Domo Tactical Communications’ TTL business unit.

The innovative product suite provides customers with highly sophisticated, mission-critical tracking capabilities, including the world’s smallest Radio Direction Finding (RDF) tags, Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) and Global Positioning System (GPS) devices that operate at the longest ranges.

The acquisition included all of the TTL assets, intellectual property and goodwill of three formerly well-established organisations – Micromill (United Kingdom), ORION Electronics (Canada) and Seimac (Canada).

Visit https://www.metocean.com/2018/05/metocean-telematics-acquires-ttl-business, to read the full press release.

Products and Support

Dyplex is supporting Guardian ST825 and ST840 GPS trackers. Dyplex Regional Managers will handle all initial sales support inquiries. If further assistance is needed the MetOcean Telematics customer support team is available for support assistance.

Dyplex Sales and Support Team

  • Patrick Desveaux, Sales – Ontario, +1 800 783 5924 ext 205
  • John Hardy – Sales – Western & Eastern Canada, +1 800 783 5924 ext 301
  • Denis Loignon – Sales – Quebec, +1 800 783 5924 ext 302

Visit www.https://www.dyplex.com/dyplex.com,  for more information on Dyplex. 

MetOcean Telematics Customer Support

Toll Free: +1 800 565 1830 ext 333 Email: support@metocean.com