Iridium Recognizes MetOcean Partnership

Iridium MetOcean Partnership

This satellite is dedicated to our friends at MetOcean Telematics who have been longstanding and important partners of Iridium. You’ve used Iridium to provide innovative products and services to customers all over the globe. May this satellite and the new Iridium NEXT constellation continue to foster continued innovation and excellence for our joint customers. 

On January 11, 2019, Iridium Communications’ satellite vehicle (SV-176) was commissioned into full service completing the new Iridium NEXT constellation. This satellite was selected by Iridium to be dedicated to MetOcean Telematics with a plaque recognizing the longstanding partnership between Iridium and MetOcean, more importantly, the contributions that MetOcean made to Iridium’s growth that began over 18 years ago.  This was the eighth and final rocket launch for Iridium, and the largest space technology refresh in history with 75 brand new satellites successfully deployed — an incredible accomplishment!

The Iridium NEXT satellite constellation is unlike any other in orbit and is the only Low Earth Orbit (LEO) communications network with pole-to-pole coverage of the entire planet that can provide high bandwidth IP, voice and IoT services.  It is comprised of 66 operational cross-linked satellites with 9 in-orbit spares for a total of 75 in the constellation, creating a real-time meshed network covering the globe with highly reliable communications.  

The entire MetOcean team is honoured and proud to play an integral role in helping Iridium realize this revolution in space-based communications technology.  We look forward to the opportunities ahead and maximizing the potential of Iridium NEXT.