Sales & Tech Support Team

Evan Aalders

Global Account Manager | MetOcean Systems

Evan Aalders MetOcean

Evan operates as the lead point of contact for several key accounts and customers. He ensures the timely and successful delivery of our solutions according to customer needs and objectives. Evan brings experience from working in the marine technology sector as well as providing satellite telemetry solutions for various customers and applications. Evan has an Advanced Diploma in International Business, a Diploma in Business Administration and is CPSA (Canadian Professional Sales Association) certified.


Dan McDonald

Inside Sales Representative | MetOcean Systems

Dan McDonald MetOcean

Dan brings over eight years experience working in various technical sales roles and holds a Diploma in Business Administration. Acting as a point-of-contact for the MetOcean Systems and, NOVATECH line of products, Dan is a dedicated sales professional that thrives assisting his clients towards achieving all of their goals, and objectives.


Clifton Flint

Business Development Manager | MetOcean Systems

Clifton Flint MetOcean

Clifton brings a wealth of experience in technical sales and support, leveraged with a background in electronics engineering and business administration. With a decade of sales experience and seven years as a radar technician with the Canadian Forces, Clifton’s attention to detail ensures that nothing is ever missed and our clients’ objectives are always met. When Clifton isn’t assisting customers with product innovation, you’ll find him at various workshops and tradeshows across the globe where he meets face-to-face with MetOcean Telematics clients.


Paul Hill

Business Development Manager | Telematics

Paul Hill MetOcean

Paul brings significant experience in solving the telemetry requirements of data collection experts around the world. His application domain spans over 22 years for tracking and monitoring in scientific, law enforcement, fisheries, environmental, search and rescue, commercial, military, aviation and personal applications. He is responsible for the identification of opportunity and building and maintaining long term business and personal relationships. Paul always strives to fulfill the clients needs by going the extra mile to meet expectations and satisfying the technical requirements.


Marcel Dionne

Account Manager | MetOcean Telematics

Marcel Dionne MetOcean

Marcel brings an Advanced Diploma in International Business, along with a Diploma in Business Administration. With over 10 years of sales management and customer service experience, he thrives tackling large and intricate projects for customers. Adept at managing both international and local client needs, he strives to deliver complex solutions to meet the needs of clients from all backgrounds. 


Adam Johnston

Account Manager | MetOcean Telematics

Account Manager Telematics

Adam has a background in Science Research and Business Development, with both a Bachelor of Science from Acadia University and an MBA from Saint Mary’s University. Bringing a strong background in Business Development he will be responsible for customer acquisition and supporting Telematics accounts.


Linda Hunt

Sales Coordinator

Linda Hunt MetOcean

Linda plays an integral role in the MetOcean Telematics sales department. She assists our sales team with sales order entry and various other support duties. She has over 15 years of experience working in client and customer service roles in multiple industries. 


Paul Lane

Technical Support Manager

Paul brings over 17 years of experience in technical support and customer service to MetOcean Telematics. He applies his technical knowledge to our clients’ projects, producing professional and efficient solutions. His extensive experience in the tracking and monitoring sector has given Paul a reputation as an outstanding project manager and coordinator.


Lorne Loveless

Telematics Program Manager

Lorne Loveless MetOcean

Lorne has more than 20 years of experience in supporting the needs of clients who require mission critical hardware and telecommunications. He has supported the Environmental & Oceanographic science efforts of governments, universities and research institutes on all seven continents, including Antarctica. In addition, Lorne has also worked for better than 10 years with Local, State/Provincial and Federal law enforcement agencies across the Unites States & Canada as well the armed forces of both countries. Lorne leads a world class team of dedicated individuals that will provide expert advise and unsurpassed personal customer service on the wide array of products and solutions that MetOcean Telematics brings to all of their clientele. 


Emily MacPherson

Director of Sales & Marketing

Emily MacPherson MetOcean

Emily brings a Bachelor of Business Communications and a Bachelor of Business Administration, with a Major in Marketing and Economics to her role as Director of Sales & Marketing. She first joined the MetOcean Telematics team in 2004. Her extensive experience with government, non-profits and the private sector has given Emily a reputation as an outstanding project manager and collaborator. Our customers value her passion for ocean sciences and her commitment to ensuring successful deployments. 

Nick Giordano

Director of Business Development

Nick Giordano MetOcean

Nick brings over 16 years of international & business development experience in the telemetry and diagnostics technology market. He is responsible for implementing strategic growth and market expansion objectives for business development as well as the management of the inside sales team. With experience throughout North America and Latin America Nick also provides the MetOcean Telematics sales team with strategic insights into our international client base.


Adam Myles

Technical Support

Adam Myles MetOcean

Adam helps MetOcean Telematics clients succeed by ensuring their technical support needs are met. Throughout his career, Adam has had the pleasure of spending over 10 years in the Defence & Security industry with various organizations. He has a natural ability to look at complex problems and translating them into real solutions, which ensures our customers’ requirements are always met.


Novat Quinn

Bilingual Technical Support Specialist

Novat Quinn MetOcean

Novat brings over 14 years experience in the I.T. industry and over 4 years experience focused on telematics. As a Bilingual Technical Support Specialist, he is responsible for providing bilingual technical support in product application, selection and troubleshooting to MetOcean Telematics clients.


Louis-Cesare Baiani

Bilingual Technical Support Specialist

Louis-Cesare Baiani MetOcean

Louis brings 27 years experience in Electronics Engineering Technology and support and is responsible for providing MetOcean Telematics clients with technical support for a wide range of products. He holds a diploma with Honors in Industrial Electronics Engineering Technology from New Brunswick Community College.


Michael Peach

Business Development Manager | Defence & Security

Michael Peach MetOcean

Michael brings a strong background in relationship building to all of our clients and helps execute sales initiatives across the globe for MetOcean Telematics’ many Defence & Security products. He joined MetOcean Telematics after spending 15 years in the tracking market where he was instrumental in increasing the success of device sales. His passion for the tracking sector and his ability to build strong relationships play an integral role in our clients’ success. 


Jeff Smeltzer

Marketing and Communications Lead


Jeff is an experienced marketing manager with a proven track record in project management, online marketing, search engine optimization and advertising. He is skilled in social media, email marketing and marketing strategy, with over 8 years’ experience as a marketer in multiple industries. Jeff has a Bachelor of Arts, in History, has studied Public Relations and holds certificates in Inbound Marketing, Google AdWords (Ecommerce), Integrated Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. His expertise and drive to explore creative solutions helps MetOcean Telematics stand out in a competitive space.


Collen Hatcher

Marketing and Design Coordinator

Collen Hatcher MetOcean

Collen brings a wealth of experience to the role of Marketing Coordinator at MetOcean Telematics. His background in marketing communications and graphic design bring expertise to project management, social media organization, brand management, creative design and event planning.  His combined job experience and education plus his willingness to push new creative solutions provide him with all the tools to bring continued success to the team at MetOcean Telematics. 


Laura Squires

Sales Operations Business Analyst

Laura Squires MetOcean

Laura is the in-house MetOcean Telematics CRM expert and is a key member in ensuring our sales operations systems run smoothly. She brings a Bachelor of Commerce, with a Major in Computing and Information Systems to her role as Sales Operations Business Analyst. She is fluent in Salesforce and delivers important CRM tools for MetOcean Telematics staff. Laura also maps and documents interfaces between legacy and new systems, which helps create efficiencies in the sales process. She has over 15 years of customer service experience.