Stokes Iridium Drifter

AVAILABLE SOON – The STOKES Iridium drifter is a compact drifting buoy that tracks water currents at the surface.

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Product Description

The small light-weight buoy is equipped with Iridium satellite telemetry, GPS positioning, and a sea surface temperature sensor. Iridium satellite telemetry enables the buoy to provide vital sensor and geo-positional location data in real-time. Iridium also allows the buoy to have bi-directional capabilities. This is a critical ability, for example, if the buoy enters a region of interest the end-user can communicate with the unit by sending it a command to change reporting intervals or request essential time-sensitive data.

The applications for the STOKES are endless due to its overall size, however, the buoy is ideal for purposes ranging from mapping large-scale ocean currents, oil spills monitoring, environmental monitoring, and aiding in search and rescue operations.